News from the New Stadium

Our latest installment in our 'player profile' feature.

This week we focus on Justin Beiber fan and attacking midfielder Jay Gibbs.

Full Name: Jay Gibbs

Date of Birth: 19th October 1992

Birthplace: Bangor, Gwynedd

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Who do you support?

Man United

Proudest moment?

Scoring a hattrick for Wales

Pre-game superstitions?


How old were you when you started playing?

10 years old - I've played for Holyhead, Bodedern and Tranmere Rovers

Who has taught you most about football?

My Mum

Best motivational song?

Any dance music

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Justin Beiber

Favourite food?

Chicken and pasta

Worst food?


Favourite drink?

Vodka and Coke

Favourite film?

Gladiator or Notebook

Most skilful player played with?

Dale Jannings (Tranmere Rovers)

Most skilful opponent?

Suso (Liverpool)

Best-mate in the squad?

Dean Garmey

Best trainer?


Best dressed?

Mel McGinness

Worst dressed?

Mike Eddie

Messi or Ronaldo   Corrie or Eastenders
Real or Barca   Pasta or Chips
Red or White   MoTD or Soccer Am
Red or Blue   Beatles or Stones
McDonalds or KFC   Man-marking or Zonal
Tesco or Morrisons   Playstation or Xbox
Blackberry or iPhone   X Factor or Strictly
Tulisa or Cheryl   Nike or Addidas

Top Scorers 2014/15

First Team and Reserves goal-scorers

(updated 14th March)

FT = First Team
R = Reserves

14 - Mel McGuiness (11FT 3R)
12 - Julian Williams (FT)
10 - Dewi Thomas (R)
9 - Sion Davies (R)
8 - Kenleigh Owen (FT)
6 - Myles Jones (4FT 2R)
4 - Nick Clark (R)
4 - Jay Gibbs (FT)
4 - Ryan Jones (FT)
4 - Bryn Roberts (R)
3 - Kieran Blackwell (R)
3 - Luke Flemming (R)
3 - Nathan Owen (R)
2 - Gareth Jones-Evans (FT)
2 - Martin McClymont (R)
2 - Luke Michael Roberts (R)
2 - Garry Stewart (R)
2 - James Williams (R)
2 - Phil Williams (FT)
2 - Marc Wilson (R)
1 - Mike Edwards (FT)
1 - Dean Garmey (FT)
1 - Ryan Gibbs (R)
1 - Tristan Hughes (R)
1 - Rikki Jones (R)
1 - Mike Kelly (FT)
1 - Borja Lorenzo (R)
1 - Dale Murphy (FT)
1 - Dillon Roberts (R)
1 - Ryan Roberts (R)
1 - Tom Roberts (R)
1 - Neil Reilly (R)
1 - Ryan Taylor (FT)
1 - Marc Thomas (R)