News from the New Stadium

A few week's ago one of our youth teams was welcomed to Everton's training camp.

Hey this is from when we got invited to play at Everton's finch farm training complex. We regularly go to the Bangor tournament once a month and we got noticed by an Everton coach and we later played against that coaches team in a round robin in Bangor. We did not knowing he was an Everton coach and he messaged me to say we had been invited to go to Everton to play he said it was amazingly high standard but thought we could hold our own there.

So we all travelled up on the 1st of June and found out it was 5 aside with a goalkeeper which we had never done before and the pitches where bigger than the ones we use but we did amazingly good coming 4th we played teams from all over, the teams we're all academy's and all players being in premiership clubs. This was the proudest moment I have had as a coach so far was amazing they all did so well and did Holyhead Hotspur's proud.